Likwidatorzy Fundacji Independent UA informują, że w związku z wyczerpaniem się majątku i środków finansowych Fundator podjął uchwałę o likwidacji Fundacji. Wierzyciele proszeni są o zgłaszanie swoich wierzytelności na adres Fundacji w terminie 1 miesiąca od dnia ukazania się tego ogłoszenia 11.03.24.

You don't have to be on the battlefield to

Dress a wound, save a life, help Ukraine

A Poland-based non-profit organization that helps people who defend Ukraine against russian invasion. Unlike NGOs working on a global scale, we aim to deliver the most necessary equipment directly to the front lines.

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Bleeding wound
in the heart
of Europe

3 h 25 min


3 h 20 min


1 h 50 min


1 h 30 min


days of war
damage done
It's not just about statistics, it's about people's lives – together we can help Ukraine overcome this tragedy

Our heroes risk their lives to defend freedom

We aim to save as many lives as possible
by supplying first aid kits

Small things matter the most on the frontlines

Tactical shoes

150 EUR / pair

Combat shirts

up to 80 EUR / piece

Ballistic military glasses

100–200 EUR / piece

Tactical gloves

30 EUR / pair

Military uniforms

100 EUR / set

Military raincoats

10—35 EUR / piece

Military hats

10 EUR / piece

Tactical summer shoes

80—100 EUR / pair

Active military headphones

50 EUR / piece

Tactical belts

35 EUR / piece

Tactical backpacks

35–50 EUR / piece

Tactical summer socks

5 EUR / pair

Tactical vests

100 EUR / piece

Tactical panels

10—50 EUR / piece

First aid kits

10–50 EUR / piece


5 EUR / piece

Tourniquets (CAT, SOFT)

30 EUR / piece

Military knee & elbow pads

15—30 EUR / set

Essential equipment is in limited supply, and this is just a small part of what is urgently needed

Your help will be delivered urgently and directly

We collect direct requests from people on the front line
We purchase the necessary supplies from EU
We arrange delivery directly to where there is an urgent need

Insulated equipment for a special battalion on the Eastern front

01 Oct 2023

Autumn uniforms for the 24th Lviv Brigade in the Donetsk direction

15 Sep 2023

Night vision device for airborne assault brigade, Bakhmut

05 Jul 2023

Uniform set, air defense anti-aircraft missile regiment, Bakhmut

01 Jul 2023

Another set of equipment for a soldier fighting near Bakhmut

25 Jun 2023

Clothing and footwear for the medical military battalion, Bakhmut

20 Jun 2023

Full summer outfit for a soldier fighting in the Bakhmut area

01 Jun 2023

Equipment for ‘Svoboda’ battalion fighters in Donetsk direction

15 May 2023

Equipment for a soldier of the 401st battalion fighting near Bakhmut

05 Apr 2023

Equipment for a soldier of the AFU, leaving for the Bakhmut direction

20 Feb 2023

Equipment for the reconnaissance unit in the Bakhmut direction

01 Feb 2023

Diesel power generator for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

20 Jan 2023

To keep the supplies going we collect funds via direct donations and charity events

NGO Fundacja
Independent UA

KRS Number: 0000967002
REGON: 521797133
NIP: 6751763836
ul. Jana Kasprowicza 8A/1, 31-523, Kraków, Poland

Khrystyna Ivanytska

Founder, Lviv

Ihor Kryvoruchko

Founder, Bila Tserkva

Contact us

+48 733 720 907

People with Independent UA in their hearts

“The war came to our home. While our friends are fighting for the European values on the front line, we feel a personal responsibility to help stop this war. The victory is upon us. And your help can bring it even closer.”